Objectives & Facts

Helping rural children

Choeung Ek village is a small place on the countryside of Phnom Penh. The public school system is not as good as it should be and the way to the capital is long and expensive. In this case, Toul Ampil supports children around the village with a good, state of the art English program at an affordable price.

Supporting the village

As long as the children could stay at home, their family can save money. In addition, a better educational level helps also the village.

Facts about Toul Ampil

- School established in 2001

- More than 2500 students have successfully finished the school program

- Providing courses in English (12 different levels), Chinese, French, and Computer     (Microsoft Office programs)

- Currently 280 students

- 20 teachers and staff

- Monthly budget 6'200'000 KHR (~ 1'500 USD)